Precision Shoe-mounted Sensors for Indoor Positioning is our focus areas. Our unique, affordable and easy-to-use wearable sensor platforms enable many niche applications, such as Pedestrian navigation, Industrial safety and resource management, Positioning system for rescue agents, Tactical policing, Geo-survey of GPS devoid area, Self navigating robot, Assistive robotics, Gaming, AR/VR, Treatment of movement disorders, Understanding physics of motion etc.

With our award winning technology, we are carving a niche in foot-mounted pedestrian navigation.

Quality, Innovation, Human Values and Business Ethics are the four founding pillars of our organization. Our customers and team members are our assets, Our vendors and investors are our best friends and we innovate to ensure their prosperity. We put conscious efforts to protect the environment by restricting the usage of hazardous material, as much as possible. 

GT in GT Silicon is inspired by the Grand Trunk Road (abbreviated to GT Road) which is one of the oldest and longest road in the Indian subcontinent, connecting 4 populous countries - Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. GT Road has historically influenced lives of the inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent by giving way to many conquerors, adventurers and traders for thousands of years.