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Our Coordinates: Kanpur is well connected with Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkata (Howrah) and Jhansi by rail and road. GT Silicon is located inside the academic area of IIT Kanpur campus, on the second floor of SIDBI Innovation and Incubation Centre (SIIC). It is nearly 2 km inside the main entrance of IIT Kanpur. Main entrance of IIT Kanpur (also known as IIT Gate) is located on GT Road, on the North-West outskirts of the Kanpur City. Kalyanpur and Rawatpur, suburbs of Kanpur, are 1.3 km and 6 km respectively from the IIT Gate, on the GT Road and towards the main city.

How to reach IIT Kanpur campus from Kanpur Central railway station: IIT Gate, via Jareeb Chauki Chauraha, Rawatpur and Kalyanpur, is nearly 13 km from the Kanpur Central Railway Station. One may exit from the railway station towards Cant side (Platform # 1) and hire a prepaid auto rickshaw for IIT Gate. Alternatively, One may exit towards Ghantaghar (Platform # 9) and board a shared green colored Vikram auto (popularly known as Vikram) for Rawatpur / Kalyanpur and then switch to a different one for IIT Gate. Usually space per passenger inside Vikram auto, is less and hence may not be a good option if you are travelling with luggage.

Inside the IIT Kanpur Campus: Hire a manual rickshaw to SIDBI (an alias for SIIC). Entrance to this part of the academic area (Ref map: Gate 5), is located near Nursery. This landmark may help you in guiding rickshaw puller. Alternatively, you may also board a battery operated auto rickshaw (on sharing basis) which will drop you at the entrance of academic area (Ref map: Gate 3), opposite to Hall 1 and near Lecture Hall Complex. You may also choose to get down at Motor Transport section (popurlaly known as MT) and find nearby academic area's entrance (Ref map: Gate 4). MT section comes after Hall 1, in the route. Security personnel at the academic area entrances may help you in reaching SIDBI. Surrounding buildings are Dean of Academic Affair's (DOAA) office and Wind Tunnel. You may also choose to enjoy a walk on the beautiful campus, from IIT Gate to our office.

One of the possible routes from IIT Gate - (i) Walk/drive in straight from IIT Gate, for around 1 km, and turn right from the first circle (also known as SAC Chauraha) (ii) While you walk / drive, you would find academic area (Ref map: Gate 1) on your left hand side. Skip Gate 1 of the academic area. The road turns left, after half a kilometer from SAC Chauraha, and enters in the academic area near Nursery (Ref map: Gate 5). Keep following the road. SIDBI is the last building on your right. You would also find National Wind Tunnel Facility on your right, just before SIDBI.

Note: (i) Those who are carrying their vehicle, must make an entry at Security Post, at the campus entrance. Your vehicle details and driving license (DL) are required for this purpose. (ii) Please note that every campus visitor must have a valid identity proof. (iii) Also note that manual and auto rickshaws are not allowed inside the academic area. There is no such restriction on personal vehicles and cabs.

Visitor's formalities: You will have to make an entry in the visitor's register available at front desk, on ground floor. You may want to relax for a while at reception, if you chose to walk from IIT Gate, and get updated with the local news and current affairs.

Feel free to to call us for any assitance. We would be happy to help you.
Do let us know if the directions given here are incomplete or incorrect.